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Start Small, Think Big


East Point Consulting (EPC) is a minority-owned, small business located in Tucson, Arizona.  Founded in 2012 with the specific intention of assisting Higher Education Institutions with their data management needs, a significant portion of our business continues to focus on this sector. We also provide services to Government bodies in small/midsize cities, and to local businesses in the Greater Tucson and Phoenix areas.  


Our practice demonstrates our commitment and qualifications to provide complex, mission critical IT services to our clients. At the center of our offering is the EPC team - our greatest asset, with a cadre of knowledgeable, capable and enthusiastic individuals with a passion to help our clients succeed in every endeavor. This passion translates into a team focused on confidently delivering quality services over the life of any IT project.  

Simran Nirh.jpeg

Simran Nirh

Founder & President

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